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Iroh by TheGreatAhtnamas Iroh :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 5 0 Ganondorf H.W. by TheGreatAhtnamas Ganondorf H.W. :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 8 0 Flames of the Gerudo - Colored by TheGreatAhtnamas Flames of the Gerudo - Colored :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 12 7 Pale by TheGreatAhtnamas Pale :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 1 0
2012 Part XXVI
I awoke with a start. The night was dark and thick, but I could tell morning wasn’t far off. Looking about my desk, I noted where I left off before falling asleep. Papers upon papers of writing in tiny words, filling from edge to edge, lie in a relatively scattered pile. Open books, including The Record of Dragmire, The Book of Mudora, and the Gerudo-English Dictionary, lie on the periphery of the desk just in front of a small desk lamp. I shook my head clear of the grogginess and attempted to finish my work. I reached for a couple sheets of paper and folded them to make a large envelope, and then addressed it to my son, Samson. I smiled to myself; as it seemed, Ganondorf never got my son’s name. I gave no return address or name because of the sheer number of people who know who I am. I reorganized the scattered pieces of paper, folded them into thirds, and shoved them roughly into the hand-made envelope.
As I began to wake up more, some of the wor
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2012 Part XXV
The Record of Dragmire: Five Years of Searching
Mo. 1, Day 30, Yr. 2014
Koume and Kotake have failed me.
Not an hour after my arrival to Egypt, where I intended to locate the portal to my homeland, did I receive a message that claimed she had vanished—with only three links as trace. Three names with histories but no trace:
Nicholas Ian Kelley
Chelsea Renee Kruse
Jacob Gifford Richard
I knew those names too well, and I contemplated ending my current search to stop the girl from reaching her sanctuary, but finding a direct connection to the Gerudo Valley was far more important. I made my demands to Koume and Kotake quite clear: do not allow her to leave the country. Her words disgust me, but I have no choice but to dwell on them;
“ underestimate me. One little glimpse of this ability, and I can learn more whether you teach me or not…. Don’t you realize the risks such an action could hold?”
Normally, I would sneer at the idea, but her trut
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2012 Part XVI
Judgment of the Council
July 5th, 2019: The council gathered at the appointed place—this time, Rakel Heðinsdóttir’s abode—and sat together in her living room. She was one of the members of the council along with Dagur Skarsten, Oðinn Petursson and his wife, Katrín, Friðþjófur, who we often called Frið, Lára, Tómas, Yrsa, Örn, and the four of us. Frið was a red haired man of thirty-five with broad shoulders. He stood more than six feet off the ground, but was the ideal gentle giant. He was firm and strong simply by size, yet soft and gentle by nature. He was a gardener on the other side of the village. Lára and Tómas were siblings that were very, very different. Lára was a twenty-five year-old woman with blonde hair and bright green eyes. She was a big woman, very strong and lively. On the other hand, her brother, Tómas, was a lanky, red-haired man with dark brown eyes. Yet, despite their l
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With the Spirits by TheGreatAhtnamas With the Spirits :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 0 0 Pewds Sketch 1 by TheGreatAhtnamas Pewds Sketch 1 :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 0 0 Within the Woods by TheGreatAhtnamas Within the Woods :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 1 0 Submerged Pipe and Algae by TheGreatAhtnamas Submerged Pipe and Algae :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 0 0 Abstract in Pencil by TheGreatAhtnamas Abstract in Pencil :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 0 0 Golden Ratio by TheGreatAhtnamas Golden Ratio :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 1 0 Fish in the Sea by TheGreatAhtnamas Fish in the Sea :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 1 0 Design I by TheGreatAhtnamas Design I :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 0 0 Copy: Man with Arms Crossed by TheGreatAhtnamas Copy: Man with Arms Crossed :iconthegreatahtnamas:TheGreatAhtnamas 0 0

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love rant
I've encountered too many people, who do not know what they mean by love.
I've encountered too many people, who avoid telling exactly what they feel,
To their partners, friends, lovers, brothers or sisters, because they do not think
That what they feel is this full idea of love.
One thinks that when he says "I love you" others will think he wants to spend his life them.
Another thinks that when he says "I love you" others will think he wants their affection.
Another thinks that when she says "I love you" others will think that she wants to fuck them.
Another thinks that when she says "I love you" others will expect her to be jealous.
They all think, that when they say "I love you" others will expect something from them.
Something that they are not prepared to give.
So I find that I live in a world where people are too cautious to say "I love you"
I find I live in a world full of love, that would have made the hippies proud,
But no one is willing to say it. Well I hope to end that, in m
:iconmaelikki:maelikki 2 2
Chapter One
Chapter 1: Competition
    It was sunny and hot in the Gerudo Valley again.  The Gerudo women were out and about with their everyday business, whether it be their duties or chores to be done.  
    The young girls of the tribe played near the fortress, being careful not to go too far from their home.  Most of them were playing games, several were just gossiping like their mothers, and the only quadruplet sisters were practicing their magic skills as their peers watched.  
    “Watch this now!” the quadruplet in yellow with short hair said as sparks emitted from her finger tips and became a flame.  The flame turned into a fiery figure of her father, Ganondorf, and it began to move like him.  
    “Really, Summer?” her sister garbed in light blue sighed, her hair being middle length.  “Do you really have to gloat?
:iconriven-del:Riven-del 1 6
Leaves by Striped-Cow Leaves :iconstriped-cow:Striped-Cow 2 4 overturned by maelikki overturned :iconmaelikki:maelikki 2 10
Copsy Papers on the Wind
I smelled the life each held
As they passed out the books
The penal colony, Kafka,
He must have known the woods
He demanded his works not be published
Before dying, and of course, therefore,
For literature, we maintained no respect for him,
The man we pretend to learn from.
Back to my woods now,
Then suddenly my tongue slips
And I forget, rather… stop caring
For such lofty hearts the copse offers
And yearn for a different embrace
And again my tongue slips
And I wish to stay here.
I wish that she might not leave
And the hour is not yet half past seven,
But some cruel force drags you away.
Now I am left alone
Craving more now that your gone
No longer does my tongue slip,
But rather my mouth quivers in refrain.
All through the next day
From opening eyes
‘til blanketing again,
I close my eyes and remember
I take my glasses off and laugh
At the sound of chattering teeth.
:iconmaelikki:maelikki 1 14
Chained by Striped-Cow Chained :iconstriped-cow:Striped-Cow 2 20 No worries by girltripped No worries :icongirltripped:girltripped 3,685 424 B A N A N A S are like people by araditsu B A N A N A S are like people :iconaraditsu:araditsu 6 19


yeah, I've posted some more chapters to 2012 ( now that it's year 2014, I know. )

On another note, I'm almost done with college (one year to go, I'll be done and graduated in the first couple weeks of May, 2015.) Hopefully that will allow me to show off all of my neat College-Level work with everyone. It's difficult for me to have the time to set up good areas to photograph my artwork, photoshop them to look as close to reality as possible, and submit them here. So, when I'm done, I'll have a couple month spree of photographing/posting. (That's the plan, I hope.) I know no one reads these anyway, but I figured I'd let anyone who is interested know where I'm at.
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